A company is made by the people that work for it. Your employees also need a place in TimeMoto Cloud. In this article, we will see how to:

  • add employees to your TimeMoto Cloud
  • manage employee information

You find the employee page under [Planning] > [Employees]. 


On the Employees page, you see an overview of all employees. Using the filters on the top left, you can search for specific employees, or filter them on location and department. 

Adding an employee

Click "Add employee" in the top right corner to add an employee. You are prompted to enter some information about the employee-to-be.

  1. First, you enter some employee information. Only first and last name are mandatory. Click "Next" to continue.
  2. Next, you can add some more information about the employee's function. All employees need to be assigned to a location and department. 
  3. Also, select which privilege level your new employee will have. 
  4. What's the difference between users, managers, and supervisors? Find out more about privileges in the following article:

    Employee privileges

If necessary, you can also assign a schedule to your user here. 

Once you are done, click "Add" to add your new employee. 

Managing employees

From the Employees page, you can click an employees' name. This will open the employee's details. You can change these details from here. Click "Save" to save any changes made.