Welcome to TimeMoto! Seems like it is your first time with our system. This article will make setting up your time management as convenient as possible. All it takes is four easy steps, and TimeMoto will practically do the rest for you.

Step 1 – Setting up Your Time Clock(s)

Most likely, you have purchased one or more of our time clocks. Read the Quick Installation Guide or follow this article to set up your device(s) properly:

Setting up Your TimeMoto Clock

Step 2 – Setting up Your Cloud

Now that your time clock is ready, set up your Cloud to make your TimeMoto Cloud and Clock(s) work in tandem. Follow this article to go through the Onboarding process:

The Onboarding

Step 3 – First Overview

You have connected your time clock with your Cloud, and you can log in with your account. Time to get started. This first overview will help you understand the main features easily.

First Overview

Step 4 – First Steps

Once you know what you are working with, you can make the first adjustments to set up the Cloud to your individual needs. TimeMoto is very flexible, so make sure you tailor it to your requirements to get the best out of it. These first steps will cover the most relevant settings.

First Steps